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Health Occupations

Name Faculty Ext. Office
Adams, Dorene Adjunct 5236  
Averett, Joyce Adjunct 5033  
Burgess, Glenn Full-Time 7162 913
Creighton, Lynda Full-Time 5178 925
Daniel, Carolyn Adjunct    
Denham-Martin, Lynn Full-Time 4715 912
DiResta, Terry Full-Time 4478 905
Fields, Tracy Full-Time 4704 903
Gordon, Deni Adjunct 5175  
Harris, Meredith Full-Time 7876 906
Knuckles, Bonita Full-Time 5450 909
Martin, Sarah Full-Time 5453 924
McNamera, Jamie Adjunct    
Melter, Cathy Adjunct 5178  
Palmer, April Full-Time 5453 904
Romero, Lisa Full-Time 4718 908
Smith, Juanita Adjunct    
Stevens, Vesta Adjunct 5289  
Wanek, Karen Full-Time 4419 910
Zolmke, Evelyn Full-Time 5446 911

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Emergency Medical Technician
Name Faculty Ext. Office
Clement, Sue Full-Time 4717 907
Modrich, Michael Adjunct    
Zimmerman, John Adjunct    

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Public Safety

Criminal Justice
Name Faculty Ext. Office
Accooe, Reynando Adjunct 5186  
Corioso, Mark Adjunct 5578  
Dawson, Steve Adjunct    
Ellasces, Jennifer Adjunct 5111  
Goodwin, Mike Full-Time 4703
Fax: (707) 864-7208
Kolbe, Kevin Adjunct 5579  
Killough, Jack Adjunct    
Lee, Lori Adjunct 5199  
Miller, Michael Adjunct 5195  
Nelson, Jeff Adjunct 5334  
Nordin, Sarah Full-Time 7276 943
Oare, John Adjunct    
Sinsel, John Adjunct    
Thelen, Lancer Adjunct 5572  
Twitchell, Keith Adjunct 7149  
Valenzuela, Joe Adjunct 5217  
Winistorfer, Richard Adjunct    

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Fire Technology
Name Faculty Ext. Office
Bridewell, Doug Adjunct    
Byrd, Shawn Adjunct    
Dick, Eugene Adjunct    
Gantt, Gene Adjunct    
Glanker, Ron Adjunct    
Hassett, Susan Adjunct    
Karlen, Ron Adjunct    
Miller, Les Adjunct    
Moncibais, Gordon Adjunct    
Pike, Roy Full-Time 7148 VVCT
Renucci, Greg Adjunct    
Webster, Vince Adjunct    

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Family Studies

Early Childhood Education
Name Faculty Ext. Office
Boltz, Sabrina Adjunct 5416  
Bussewitz, Barry Adjunct 5127  
Calica, Corinna Adjunct 5424  
Cowee, Marion Full-Time 4412 1620
Ernst, Stephanie Adjunct    
Huynh, Hue Adjunct 5121  
McSweeney, Maureen Full-Time 4385 1640
Means, Joan Adjunct 5156  
Obegi, Amy Full-Time   143
Philips, Carla Adjunct 5098  
Smith, Tasha Full-Time 5163 140

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Human Development
Name Faculty Ext. Office
DeFlorio, Lydia Adjunct 4710  
McSweeney, Maureen Full-Time 4385 1640
Nazarenko, Sydney Adjunct 5581  
Obegi, Amy Full-Time 5045 143
Philips, Carla Adjunct 5098  
Sloan, Jeff Adjunct 5409  
Smith, Tasha Full-Time 5163 140
Watts, Val Adjunct 5166  

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Name Faculty Ext. Office
Morinec, Maire Dean of Health Occupations 4468 805A
Luttrell-Williams, Debbie Administrative Assistant III 4477 805B
Alsip, Dana Cook, Children's Programram 7182 240
Converse, Lori Specialist, Children's Programram 4604 205
Dillard, Yvonne Assistant, Children's Program 4604 205
Drake, Sabrina Assist Director, Children's Program 4639 201
Miranda, Sharon Specialist, Children's Program 7182 227
Muhammad, Sharon Specialist, Children's Program 4605 220
Park, Nedra Admin Assistant I, Children's Programram 7182 200
Spann, Patrice Assistant, Children's Program 4605 220
Speck, Christie Director, Children's Program 7183 238
Stedman, Lisa Specialist, Children's Program 5283 200 A/B
Vartanian, Juwan Specialist, Children's Program 5430 237
Worthy, Renee Assistant, Children's Program 4410 232

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Last Updated: October 13, 2009
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