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Academic Renewal Policy

The open-door policy of the community college provides students of diverse abilities and aspirations with an opportunity to achieve success. Some students find that their early attempts at college have not been successful. It is not uncommon for students to return to college later and perform in a very satisfactory manner.

The academic renewal policy provides for the alleviation of previously recorded, substandard academic work (grades of D, F or NC) not reflective of a studentís current scholastic ability. A student may petition to eliminate up to 30 units of substandard course work, provided the courses were completed at least three semesters prior to the petition, and the student has completed at least fifteen (15) units with a grade of C or better at an accredited post-secondary institution subsequent to the course work to be alleviated. The permanent academic record will be coded to indicate that the original grades will NOT be reflected in the grade point average; however, the courses will remain on the permanent record.

Final approval/disapproval for renewal will be granted by the Academic Council. Courses eliminated may not be applied toward any degree or certificate requirement. Solano College may honor the Academic Renewal Policy of other accredited institutions in disregarding previous academic work.

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