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Matriculation joins students and the college in an agreement about the choices and processes needed for the student to realize his or her educational objectives.  The agreement acknowledges the responsibilities and rights of both parties.  As part of its on-going Matriculation Program, Solano Community College provides a full range of easily used services, including:

Each student has responsibilities in matriculation:

  • Express a general educational goal at the time of admission
  • Meet with a counselor to discuss academic choices and to develop an educational plan
  • Identify a specific educational goal by the completion of 15 semester units of degree-applicable, credit coursework
  • Attend classes and complete assigned coursework
  • Maintain progress toward the specified educational goal

The College has the following responsibilities:

  • Use multiple sources of information, in addition to test results, as the basis of assessment for counseling/advisement
  • Provide special accommodations for ethnic and language minority students and students with learning or physical disabilities
  • Provide a mechanism for changing a specified educational goal
  • Inform students of their responsibilities and rights regarding matriculation services
  • Upon request, provide students with written District procedures concerning challenges, complaints or appeals of matriculation services

The student has the right, and is strongly encouraged, to receive all matriculation services provided by the College.  The student also has the right to refuse any or all of these services.

Exemptions.  The following students are exempt from matriculation:

  • Students who have completed an Associate Degree or higher
  • Students who seek to enroll only in non-credit courses
  • Students indicating an educational goal of: 
         Job Skills – to maintain current job
    Personal Interest – not for employment
    Complete credits for High School
    Maintain a Certificate or License (i.e., Nursing, Real Estate)

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